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Currently, my favorite fiction is short—really short. I launched the Rose City Sisters short fiction blog in 2009 at the suggestion of novelist Margaret Finnegan.  I figured it would coax me into writing fiction and I was right. It's great fun to tell a story in 1,000 words (flash fiction) or 100 words (micro fiction).

I'm writing an anthology to be published in mid-2017.   In the meantime, here are some of my short-short stories:

Texas Toast

Don't mess with Texas—or happy hour hotties.

Magpie Girl

Written for and performed at a story-telling event in 2014. Required reading if you are interested in yard sales or The Fates.

The Bus

A tragic public transit love story in 100 words.

Daisy's Masterpiece

A Christmas miracle with humidity instead of snow. Have you ever lost anything precious?

Good With Names

A girl grows up with a simple superpower. Find out what she can tell just by looking at you.


Voodoo? Discover what happened in the store on Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

Better Late Than Never

Inspired by the cancellation of Guiding Light, a show I never saw. (Features a cameo by a real-life actress.)

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