Alternatives to Black Friday

Can’t hack the crowds on the busiest shopping day of the year? You have options.

Blues Friday
Stay home and blast Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and B.B. King all day. Skip the turkey leftovers and order barbecue for dinner.

Extra credit if you visit this site to discover your blues name. (Please call me “Sleepy Liver Washington” on November 23.)

Purple Friday
Same rules as above, but limit your playlist to Prince. And songs Prince wrote for other artists.  Again, skip the turkey leftovers and opt for gourmet vegetarian food.

White Friday
Spend the day decluttering your house and planning a white elephant party  to unload your largest, ugliest, or strangest unwanted possession.  Drop off the rest of those dust-collectors at the nearest charity thrift store.   Someone will upcycle your junk and sell it for a bundle on eBay!

Green Friday
Order a backyard composter and make your own artisanal…garden soil. Composting is great way to recycle fruit and vegetable trimmings, coffee grounds, dead leaves and more. “Compost is Magic” reads a headline in no less than The New Yorker.

Burgundy Friday
This is a twofer: You get to drink wines from Burgundy and enjoy the antics of anchorman Ron Burgundy

Photo by Allef Viniciusa/Unsplash

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