Tricking myself into telling stories

Currently, my favorite fiction is short—really short. I launched the Rose City Sisters fiction site in 2009 at the suggestion of novelist Margaret Finnegan.

I figured the blog would coax me into writing fiction and I was right. It’s a challenge and great fun to tell a story in 1,000 words (flash fiction) or 100 words (micro fiction). Here are a few of my short-short stories. Click the title to read the story. 

Daisy’s Masterpiece
Have you ever lost anything precious? A Christmas miracle with humidity instead of snow. 

Texas Toast
Don’t mess with Texas—or happy hour hotties.

Magpie Girl
Written for and performed at a story-telling event in 2014. Required reading if you are interested in yard sales or The Fates.

The Bus
A tragic public transit love story in 100 words.

Good With Names
A girl grows up with a simple superpower. Find out what she can tell just by looking at you.

This college student is of questionable character.

Voodoo? Who knew? Discover what happened in a store on Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

Better Late Than Never
Inspired by the cancellation of Guiding Light, a show I never saw. (Features a cameo by a real-life actress.)