I fell into stand-up comedy by accident and stuck with it on purpose. True story.

After winning a comedy class at a charity auction, I found out that stand-up comedy is the only sport I can play. I've been making people laugh at comedy shows, charity fundraisers and private events since 2007.

My humor writing includes essays, fiction, and 40+ funny radio spots.

But there's more: I'm the co-producer of The Joke Gym, one of the most popular open mics in Los Angeles. My newest project is The Comedy Committee. See you at a show!


Go ahead, laugh!

I'm always looking for spots in shows for charities! Email me if you need a comedian for your benefit show.

Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 7 pm
The Joke Gym
illa Catrina
251 N. Santa Anita Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91006
MC for open mic comedy—where anything can happen

Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 7 pm
The Joke Gym
Villa Catrina

Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 7 pm
The Joke Gym
Villa Catrina

Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 7 pm
The Joke Gym

Villa Catrina

One more thing…

Pay attention, people. I'll be working these wonderful words into future jokes:

• basal ganglia
• clamdiggers
• deipnosophist
• derring-do
• fricassee
• gizmo
• jai alai
• lollygagging
• picayune
• pimento
• plump
• Quaalude
• quixotic
• ricochet
• schadenfreude



A crazy accident…or was it?

In late 2006, I chaired an auction to benefit Hillsides Home for Children. One of the donated items was a stand-up comedy class. I'm an old hand at running auctions, and often bid on multiple items to drive up the prices.

Silly, silly me.

At the auction's end, I was surprised (and only slightly terrified) to discover I was the winning bidder for the comedy course.

I began classes at the Standup Academy in 2007. Eight weeks really race by when you have "comedy debut" penciled into your date book.

I'm a writer, so generating material was a pleasure; performing it was a challenge. I don't talk fast because I have stage fright. I talkthisfastallthetime.

However, rapid-fire delivery wouldn't benefit my material or the audience—especially after they downed their two-drink minimum.

At my graduation show, I enjoyed a fast, funny five minutes in the main room of The Ice House in Pasadena. I had dozens of friends in the audience (including my dentist), but total strangers were laughing as well. I know this because I watched my performance on DVD. Thirty-seven times.

My first appearance at The Comedy Store was a month later. Frankly, the evening was nothing like I imagined. When comedian Vargus Mason asked if I'd like a "date at The Comedy Store," I agreed immediately. Vargus Mason? The Comedy Store? What woman could refuse?

As it turns out, a "date" at The Comedy Store is not an actual date. It's more of a friendly invitation to work for free. Bottom line? I could have worn underpants that night.

On the plus side, I got to perform in the main room, and had the pleasure of seeing a dozen comedians at work, including Chris Rock and Andrew Dice Clay.

In 2008, I teamed up with Scott Shimamoto to create The Joke Gym, which has become one of the most popular comedy open mics in Los Angeles. We've been featured in a few news stories including an interview for the blog Talking With Tim.

If you'd like to know where I'll be performing, just bookmark this page. If that seems like way too much work, email me and I'll keep you posted. Strictly comedy information—I promise not to forward any sappy messages about angels or kittens or rainbows. I hate that crap.



My day job is pretty funny, too

Stand-up comedy is not going replace my day job—marketing communications—just yet. My clients are in the arts, B2B, banking, education, healthcare, nonprofit, retail, and other fields. Read more on my other website.

While I've written lots of serious copy, I often attract projects that require a humorous approach.

I've written dozens of radio spots for a discount eveningwear store. My scripts are 60-second sitcoms written to sell cocktail dresses.

Listen to a few of my favorites spots below by clicking a title.

A fancy-free, fashion-conscious customer in her 10th month really craves the latest designer eveningwear.
Voices: Shelly Somerset, client Michael Weintraub

A Southern belle visits Los Angeles, meets a nice Jewish boy, and realizes she'll "never pay retail again!"
Voices: Shelly Somerset, client Michael Weintraub

Mother of the Bride
One bride's mother is a tad too eager to start shopping for her gown at Dressed Up!
Voices: Cathy Burlingham, Stew Herrera

Need a Hug
Store owner Michael Weintraub self-treats his depression by offering $99 dresses.
Voice: Client Michael Weintraub

Bowling for Discounts
Our heroine learns an important lesson about sisterhood, donating organs, and Dressed Up!
Voices: Cathy Burlingham, Stew Herrera

Dr. Romance
The owner of Dressed Up! calls a late-night radio talk show for advice on wooing women into his store.
Voices: Ron Snow, client Michael Weintraub

About My Husband
The owner of Dressed Up! is outed by his wife for being a compulsive price cutter.
Voices: Melanie Noble, client Michael Weintraub

I earned a B.A. in journalism from California State University, Northridge. I worked at a public relations agency and then as a marketing manager at a sporting goods company before chucking it all for the joys of self-employment.