My head start on self-quarantine

I woke up with a cold on Valentine’s Day. Not COVID-19. Just old-school sniffles that kept me close to home where I could have all the hot tea and extra-soft tissues I needed.

By Leap Day, I was well enough to venture out to see “One Night of Queen,” a stage show saluting the legendary band. A fun night with friends was a great way to celebrate my return to health.

Everything changed on Dr. Seuss Day (March 2 for those who somehow skipped childhood) when I tripped over a wayward trellis in the backyard and broke my right hand.

Dr. Seuss was not my ER doctor, but my physician’s message was just as memorable:

Your metacarpal has a break.
You’ll need a cast. You’ll have an ache.

While your hand is getting better,
do not type a single letter.

Come on back in the seventh week.
And let our x-rays take a peek!

So…with my right hand out of commission, everything was on hold from client projects to creative writing to housekeeping. It turns out that dust bunnies multiply faster than real rabbits.

I’ve been working from home for years, so the “shelter in place” edict did not mean a big change for me. Washing just one hand has been a challenge, but I developed a system.

I was concerned about not being able to color my hair, but then I remembered that I had to cancel my brow appointment. In another week or so, my eyebrows will be shaggy enough to comb backwards and cover the gray on my head. Problem solved.

Stay safe.

The doormat in the photo is available from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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