The opposite of helicopter parenting

Until very recently, “helicopter parenting” was annoying and unhealthy, but not illegal. But the U.S. college admissions scandal has escalated helicopter parenting to a new felonious level.

If helicopter parenting is an extremely involved, even invasive approach to raising a child, I guess am the product of “long leash” parenting. Mom was always there, but never hovered.

For the most part, my mom let me make my own decisions, even stunningly unfortunate fashion choices. You’ll have to take my word for it as very little evidence exists. Some old photos may have “fallen” into the shredder.

I never had a curfew as a teen, except the one I invented when I wanted to exit a really dull party or bad date. The only reason my mom knew about the SATs was that I needed a ride. I got just the right amount of parenting.

Spoiler alert: I did not attend an Ivy League school. But I received a great education, made lifelong friends, and never once had to visit mom in prison for a felony conviction!

For another perspective on the screaming headlines, read “College Admission Scandal: When Parents Don’t Trust In Kids” by Alison Escalante M.D. in Psychology Today.

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